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The Ultimate Practice Management Platform

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Chat to Clients 

  • Manage Service

  • Link to FSP's

  • Sales Campaigns

  • Client Information- CRM

  • Financial Needs Analysis-(FNA) that links to client App 

  • Load support Staff

  • Client Doc's Vault

Service Providers

Link with FSP's from the Platform

Set up Team

Load your Team to enable them to:

  • Manage Service

  • Communicate directly with clients

  • Manage new Business/Underwriting

  • Manage Clients profile, including vaulting of doc's

Client Portfolio

Know your Client, and collectively build a profile that is mirrored on the Client App

  • Personal info needed for FNA

  • Assets/Liabilities

  • Assurance - Life and Short Term

  • Emergency info

  • Financial Needs Analysis- also available on Client App. Stays on system


Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)

  • On Advisor side

  • The client can collaborate on App

  • Historical FNA's stays on the system for reference

  • The client can approve FNA for Compliance


Chat to your clients- from the Platform directly onto/into the Client App. Records kept

  • Chat to Clients

  • Your client can chat to your team, giving instructions


Manage your Practise alone, or with your Team

  • Underwriting

  • Servicing


Client Vault. No need to email information or documents to clients. Just post it in their vault- available on the App


Run Sales Campaigns from the Platform- via email or in-App Chat

  • All Clients or

  • Select certainly clients


All your Clients in one place

Secure Log-in

Secure Log-in

Build on Microsoft Azure