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Growing up on the southern tip of Africa, the concept of off-roading is something that every South African may be quite familiar with. Whether you imagine it as dodging pot holes on your morning commute, or that particular stretch of gravel road during the height of the the wet season, we have all experienced a version of off-roading in some form or another.

Any 4x4 enthusiast will tell you that there is one marvel of engineering that is absolutely crucial when the road ahead is particularly tough, the Diff Lock.

Surprisingly simple, the Diff Lock allows two connected but otherwise separate wheels to become locked together and to turn in unison when there is a lack of traction.

This quite special concept is absolutely perfect to explain the relationship between a Financial Advisor and their Client.

"One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of seeing things." Henry Miller

The past 100 days have proved to be a particularly challenging stretch of road for most of the world. From first hearing about this novel virus to the reality of life in Lockdown and the resulting financial strain, it can make one feel rather alone and unsure about the ones own planning, tools in you arsenal and the probability of reaching the end destination.

It's during times like these that it's important and comforting to know that if one were to loose 'traction' that there is someone working with you in unison that is able to help you to make sense of the situation and pull through.

A Financial Advisor is the wheel on the other side of the axle. Though just having a the wheel on the opposite end doesn't do you much good if that axle is not equipped with that all important Diff Lock.

Lets be frank here, the Diff Lock in this case is the place where Financial Advisor and Client can come together, connect and collaborate on the clients planning, the needed tools and can decide on the best way to tackle the journey ahead.

In the end it is the collaboration of both wheels, both Financial Advisor and Client that allows for the successful completion of a financial journey.

Through this Diff Lock, Clients continuously provide Financial Advisors with all the information they need in order to gain traction on the road and should the Client at any time loose grip, the Diff Lock kicks in again to allow the Financial Advisor to provide the Client with the needed support.

20Twenty was designed with this concept at its heart, to be the place that allows for the connection and collaboration between Financial Advisors and Clients no matter the condition of the road.

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind" - C.S. Lewis

So, are you ready for the journey?

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