Digitally re-start your brokerage with 20Twenty

Staying in Touch

Out of sight, out of mind, it is really that simple.

Financial advisors have more ways to communicate than ever, yet staying in touch remains their biggest challenge in a highly competitive world. One of the biggest reasons for this is that clients often receive more information from financial institutions than from their brokers. That's why 20Twenty has a built-in chat function so clients and brokers can remain in contact and informed.

Knowing when to Engage

Sharing the right information at the right time is the best way to position yourself as an informed and reliable financial advisor. The difference between junk mail and good information is often just timing. Sharing a single online profile maintained by your client helps you to remain one step ahead of your competition, and be a valuable partner to your clients.

Sharing is Caring!

Tired of searching for that elusive signed document, or the last updated investment report? Don't rely on memory, rely on 20Twenty! Our online document vault gives you private storage for your business documents and space to share with each one of your clients. Share investment reports, copies of their will, financial needs analysis and even advertising material with the click of a button, and your client will receive a notification on their app whenever you've got something new for them.

Do I really need that? Now? Convincing your clients of their Financial Needs

A good Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) is not only a legal requirement for almost every transaction you do, its also the best sales tool in a broker's arsenal. 20Twenty allows advisors and clients to collaborate with a shared FNA addressing retirement, life and disability planning - for now. 20Twenty will let your client know when your advice changes, and let you know when their needs change. Its a match made in heaven!

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