Re-sparking Human Conversations

Constant and consistent communication with you clients is an important part of doing business in the financial services sector. Most advisors relay fully on in person meetings to satisfy their clients needs and to generate new business and referrals.

By now we know that the Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally affected the landscape of the financial services sector. The question now is how to keep doing business when physical distancing is recommended.

If large corporate companies are turning to new and creative digital solutions to keep in contact with their customers, why is this not possible for a financial advisor?

At 20Twenty, we believe we have the answer! Let's break it down.

Firstly, 20Twenty is an opportunity to reconnect with your client and continue to provide a personalized, very much 'human' service even while physical distancing. So how does 20Twenty do that?:

  • By providing you with the opportunity to reconnect with your client by re-sparking their interest in the service you can provide through the 20Twenty platform.

  • By giving your client a direct communication channel to you through 20Twenty's in-app chat function.

  • By creating a shared space where your client can collaborate with you on their financial situation. This collaborative space takes on the form of a Financial Needs Analysis which is the beating heart of 20Twenty, a client Vault and of course the in-app Chat function.

These are just some of the key features 20Twenty can provide you with to strengthen the connection between you and your client. It is the power of digital and human, combining.

"Using digital to forge the Connection" - Mike Stopforth

So what are you waiting for?

Its time to re-spark the conversation with you client by making use of the technological platform 20Twenty can provide but still maintaining the core of what financial advice is all about, the all important human touch.

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