The power of a digital workspace

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

"The way we do business will never be the same."

We keep hearing how Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to reconsider those 'going digital' ideas that may have been put on hold in order to keep doing business.

In the space of three weeks, the financial world has had to learn the lesson that took our species thousands of years to master, except it's no longer 'survival of the fittest', it's 'survival of the tech savvy'.

It's not all doom and gloom though, in fact it is the exact opposite. It is an opportunity that might just be the start of a complete revival of the industry.

Imagine conducting business twice as fast as one normally would, just because by not having to travel to that client that lives on the other side of the city, or having to scan all those application forms just to realize that the printer jammed on page 10 of 11.

A digital office is not only more efficient, its more compact. Rooms dedicated to the thousands of hard copy files and the nightmare of a 'manual search' for that one piece of paper signed back in 2002 that you find yourself in need for the upcoming client review is replaced by a desk and screen.

Are you ready to not only survive the technological evolution but to thrive?

20Twenty is the perfect solution to not only help you with the evolution of your business, but to ensure your digital office stays ahead of the pack. More organised and more effective than ever before.

From tracking and analysis your business to instant client messaging and file share through the 'Vault' to the built in Auto Financial Needs Analysis tool will ensure you have all the necessary elements to efficiently service you clients and their needs form wherever you are.

Outdated FNA's are a thing of the past. Collaborate with you client from anywhere and always stay up to date!

Through the inter-connected 20Twenty Broker Hub and My20Twenty Client App you are able to link directly with you clients like never before, creating a space for you to collaborate on their needs and help with their goals to achieve their financial wellness

Sign up as a Beta Tester at and register on Broker Hub at today!

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