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Frequently Asked Questions

20Twenty Advisor Hub

How do I access the 20Twenty Advisor Hub?

To open the Twenty20 Advisor Hub, just navigate to in your web browser.

How do I invite clients to use the 20Twenty Mobile App?

When you add a client to 20Twenty, they will receive an email from the system with an invitation to download the App, and connect to you - its that simple!

How do I add a Lead (aka Opportunity)?

Can I assign Actions / 'To Do' items to my Team?

Yes! In the "Activities" section on the 20Twenty Broker hub (, just click on "Add Activity", and in the "Assign To" field, choose the name of one of your team members. You can also create an activity directly on the Opportunity Edit screen. The activity will then be linked to that opportunity.

Does 20Twenty integrate with my Outlook Calendar?

Not at the moment. But keep an eye on our newsletter, as we've got that function on our development roadmap.

How do I load my current clientbase (Multiple Clients) onto 20Twenty?

Select 'Clients', and then select 'Import'. Download the Template provided. Once done, save the Template, and Upload. An email invitation is automatically mailed to every Client that was uploaded.

Does 20Twenty intergrate with Astute?

We're talking! Future versions of 20Twenty may allow you to draw reports directly from Astute, but at the moment its all on you... Don't forget to share your personalised reports with your client by attaching it to an in-app chat message, or drop it into their Vault and let them know.

I am having problems with the In-App Messaging Feature. What do i do?

The best way to resolve this is to log out of the 20Twenty Broker Hub and log back in. We apologise for the inconvenience of this and our technical team is attending to the issue.

How Secure is my Client's Data?

We know how important it is for Client data te be kept safe and sound. 20Tweny has been developed on the Microsoft Azure Platform, one of the most secure platforms around (being both encrypted in the databases and also encrypted in transit), ensuring that all infrmation held on 20Twenty is secure.

How do I Create a 20Twenty Advisor Hub Account?

To register on 20Twenty, simply navigate to Click on 'Sign up now' and follow the simple onboarding process. Remeber that you will have to upload you 'Advisor/Broker Disclosure' during this process. This must be a pdf file.

20Twenty Client Mobile App

Why would I want to use 20Twenty?

20Twenty let's you stay on top of all your investment and insurance products by linking you directly to the advisor who advised you about the products. Moreover, our simple retirement, life cover and other calculators will help you and your advisor to analyze your financial needs and plan the best way to reach all of your future financial goals.

How do I download the 20Twenty Mobile App?

20Twenty is available for free download from both the Apple AppStore & Goodgle Play Store: Or Simply search 'My20Twenty' and look for our blue dots. Don't forget to leave an encouraging comment, or give us a few stars!

How do i make sure i always have the latest version of the 20Twenty Mobile App?

Making sure you have the latest version of the 20Twenty Mobile App ensures that you always have access to the latest features as they become available! Once You have downloaded the 20Twenty Mobile App from your app store, make sure you have the 'Auto-Update' feature switched on. This will make sure that as we update the app that you will always have the latest version. (This may result in data charges depending on you app store settings, so make sure to check those too!) If you prefer not to enable 'Auto-Update', be sure to check in on you app store regularly to check of a newer version of the app is available.

How do i 'Connect' to my Financial Advisor on the 20Twenty Mobile App?

Let's help you with that: Struggling? Remember that there is always the chat function on our website where we will be happy to try and assit you in getting connected to your advisor.

How do i 'Chat' with my Financial Advisor on the 20Twenty Mobile App?

Chatting to your Adviser is very important. Lets get you set up: Struggling? Remember that there is always the chat function on our website where we will be happy to try and assit you in getting connected to your advisor.

General Ins & Outs

What is 20Twenty?

20Twenty is your leap into the Digital Age of Personal Wealth and Risk Management. Offering Advisor and Client-side Apps, 20Twenty keeps advisors and their clients in seamless contact, and offers collaboration tools to keep their investment and insurance objectives satisfied.

Advisor/Adviser vs Broker, is there a difference?

The South African Financial Services industry has a very long and complex history, which has resulted in only certain professionals being licenced to give financial. What we call these people that assit in our financial decision making has also changed quite a lot over the years. From the use of 'Broker' to define the intermediary role between insurance & invetsment firms and the client, because of their role in 'broking' a deal between the two partie, the title more commonly used now is 'Advisor'. This is due to the fact that the indermediary no longer just brokers the deal, but is instrumental in helping the client determine and understand their needs and matching them to the appropriate product. The Advisor collaborates and guides the client through financial decisions and so is more than a salesman. As 20Twenty has been designed to be a collaborative platform for clients and the financial services professionals advising them, we have decided to shift our branding to align with this. As such we are doing an across the board replacement of the term 'Broker' with 'Advisor'. We think that this better reflects the founding princials and our vision of 20Twenty.

Website Login vs Advisor Hub Login. Which login is for What?

There are currently two different logins in the 20Twenty universe, namely the login for the 20Twenty Website ( and the login for the 20Twenty Advisor Hub (

Creating a profile on (we call it becoming a 'Site Member') and loging into your porfile on the 20Twenty Website ( is the key to accessing all the great enhanced support features available to users of 20Twenty. This profile makes communication with the 20Twenty team much easier and gives you the ability to contribute to the users forum.
In short this is your 20Twnety 'support' and communal area login.

The 20Twenty Advisor Hub is the business end of 20Twenty. Logging into this is how you access your 20Twenty Advisor Hub from where you manage you business. Only you and the people in you team have access to your Advisor Hub, meaning you cannot interact with the 20Twenty support team or the rest of the 20Twenty user community from here (unless one of your clients is a 20Twenty 'Advisor' and you are chatting to them in an advice giving capacity).

Login details (usernames & passwords) for both the 20Twenty website and 20Twenty Advisor Hub can be the same, though we would recommend that you create different password for each, just for some added security.

Some Broker Hub Terminology

What is a 'Client'?

A Client is an individual to whom a Advisor provides Financial or Intermediary Services.
An Advisor can load a Client onto their 20Twenty Broker Hub to connect & collaborate with the Client via the 20Twenty Client Mobile App.

What in an 'Activity'?

An Activity is any 'To Do' action that can be done by an Advisor, a member of their Sales Team or Admin Staff. Activities can range from 'Client Call' planning to orginisation of the admin for a particular client or office function.

What is an 'Opportunity'?

An Opportunity to an Advisor means any potential sale or business that can be expected to fall into the Advisors business pipeline & generate an income. This can cover both New Business and Servicing of current Clients & is linked to the specific Client an Advisor has loaded on 20Twenty. It is also a great way to make sure you Client list is up to date & to use that client list to generate new business.

What is a 'Campaign'?

A Campaign is a 'Sales Drive' or Advertising form the Advisor to their Clients. 20Twenty gives the Advsior the ability to launch this directly to the Client by making used of the In-App chat function or conventional email.

What is a 'Advisor'?

This is you!
An Advisor is an individual that renders Financial or Indermediary Services.
An Advisor can make use of 20Twenty to easily conect & collaborate with their Clients.

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